US Commerce Department Pneumatic Tires Tariff Increased


The US Commerce Department is pushing for a Tariff Increase on all Pneumatic Tires imported into American from countries such as China, Sri Lanka and India

You will see that a lot of our pneumatic tires have been removed from prices lists and companies that specialize in industrial tires. If you see a size that’s not listed, please call or e-mail your manufacture for pricing and availability. The reason behind this is the US Commerce department is currently reviewing many foreign countries that ship pneumatic tires here and are going to increase a tariff that is imposed on all foreign pneumatic tires that come into our country.

This tariff is usually very high and will prevent many companies like American Based Industrial Tire Manufactures and Importers from importing tires from countries like China, Sri Lanka and India. These tariffs can be as high as the US Commerce Department wants, we’ve seen as high as 90%.

These can also be retroactive, so anything we’ve purchased prior to this review can be tariffed. So reluctantly American Based Industrial Tire Manufactures and Importers have decided to stop importing many of the sizes that have been eliminated from their product catalog.

American Based Industrial Tire Manufactures and Importers will let you know once the review is over and if any and all American Based Industrial Tire Manufactures and Importers will begin importing again and how they will be affected.